Dental Services

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General Dentistry

Most patients visit a dentist in order to receive general dentistry care, such as routine exams and checkups and other preventive services, like fluoride treatments or sealants. This type of routine care helps to keep your smile in optimal condition. It benefits your general health, as well.

Restorative Dentistry | Imagine Family Dentistry | St. George UT

Restorative Dentistry

Teeth can be damaged as a result of any number of causes – tooth decay, injury, bad habits or excessive wear and tear. When your teeth have been compromised, restorative dentistry can make them whole again, improving your smile’s appearance and function.

Cosmetic Dentistry | Imagine Family Dentistry | St. George UT

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. However, defects in your smile, such as damaged or crooked teeth, can hamper your appearance and your self-confidence as a result. Fortunately, a variety of cosmetic dentistry interventions can help to correct those flaws.

Mini Dental Implants | Dentures | Imagine Family Dentistry | St. George UT

Implants & Dentures

Tooth loss can be devastating to your self-esteem while compromising your health at the same time. Fortunately, patients have multiple options to restore their smiles after experiencing tooth loss.

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Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies, like severe toothaches or broken teeth, can happen at any time, and if they’re not addressed promptly and properly, your oral health can suffer significant consequences.